Work from home? Set your own hours?

Supportfully - Expanding Summer 2018

On Demand Roles

  • Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Primarily online chat based support.  Email, Phone, and other service channels in the future
  • Handle a single session at once, or multiple
  • Work how you want, when you want, from where you want
  • Paid out twice a month

Full-Time Roles

  • Tier 2 Service and Support
  • Scheduling and Order Support
  • Full-Time positions at Supportfully
  • Flexible hours
  • Virtual office
  • 40 hours/week with benefits

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Quick FAQ


The question everyone wants to know!  Per ticket rates will vary by partner and level of effort, with most chat sessions and tickets paying out between $.25 and $1.00 per ticket.

Full-time positions begin at $15/hour which including some amazing benefits.


We only are looking for candidates within the US today.  You must provide your own device (PC/Mac) running the latest version of Chrome, and a high-speed internet connection.

How do I set my own hours?

You log into the platform when you want to work.  You can go into a busy state when you don’t wish to take on any more customers.  Once you finish your last session, you can go offline.  We don’t force you into any schedules, though we may occassionally offer incentives to work during off-peak times!

Why can't I start today?

We are currently in alpha mode working with a select few partners while we complete work on our platform, in addition to fine-tuning our operating model.  For this reason, we are building out our team slowly, while ensuring we bring on the best of the best!