It shouldn't be difficult

We don’t believe in making customers jump through hoops – It should be a painless experience the entire time. The customer should never feel like they need to bang their head against the keyboard nor have the need to ask for a supervisor, we instead aim to resolve all issues quickly and efficiently ensuring our focus is on the customer.

Increase Conversion = Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is the most important aspect called out time and again when asking customers why they choose a product.  Don’t allow your busy schedule of launching a new product, getting the next code pushed to prod, or next deadline prevent you from taking care of your customers – We can handle the website and support inbox while you focus on what you do best.  Did you know study after study shows that online chat increases conversion by 20% to 50%?  That’s just a cherry on top!

How We On-board Your Business


We start the onboarding process as you check out – We begin to collect details on your business to allow us to immediately begin building out our backend knowledge base

Integration Checklist

Within 24 hours of checkout, we will send you a onboarding check-list that outlines everything we need from you to get us started. Once this is returned to us, we will be able to begin supporting your customers within 24 hours

System Integration

Integration is painless. We will provide a snippet of code to add live chat, and an email address to forward your email to. No expensive systems for you to buy and no training on new platform to learn – It’s painless!


We will provide periodic updates and recommendations on how we can help you improve your customer experience to deliver a proactive experience rather than a reactive one

How We Support Your Customers

Live Chat and Email

We provide immediate responses to live chat, and average 15 minutes for email. Reduce phone calls by driving customers to your website

Knowledge Base

We maintain an extremely detailed knowledge base containing everything we learn about your business not only from you, but from your customers

They Never Know

Our US based team is always branded as your company. We are a bit like Tom Cruise with our acting, except we are way better looking

Happy Customers

Customers leave happy – We don’t rest until they have a happy resolution – We will work with you directly as necessary to ensure a satisfied resolution for the customer

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